Upgrade boiler in your Seattle hometo save money and energy.Boiler Replacement

If the boiler in your home is 20 years old or older, you can save a substantial amount of money and energy by updating it.  Older models of boilers can have efficiencies ranging anywhere from 55% to 70%.

That means 30 to 45 cents of every dollar you spend heating your Seattle or Snohomish area home is being wasted.

Here at Carlson Mechanical, we don’t like to see homeowners throw their hard earned money away when there’s a simple solution-replacing your aging boiler.

There’s been many technological advancements since your home’s boiler was installed and you can greatly benefit by upgrading to a high efficiency model.

Why replace your boiler?

  • Save money and energy
  • Improved safety features
  • Reduce chance of breakdowns
  • Increase comfort level in home

How does 95% efficiency sound?Lochnivar Knight Boiler

Our most popular is the Knight Fire Tube boiler from Lochinvar. It carries the Energy Star label with a 95% AFUE efficiency rating, which can reach up to 99% efficiency if you have radiant floor heating in your home.

Now, you don’t need to be a math genius to see that you’d be saving a lot of money and energy by replacing your aging boiler. Many of our current customers who updated their radiant heat systems saved even more money than they expected.

The Noble Combi boiler is a terrific space saving solution for Seattle and Snohomish area homes with 1 or 2 bathrooms. As a combination unit, it delivers domestic hot water supply and home heating so you can lower your utility bills and save money at the same time.

Contact Carlson Mechanical to schedule your free estimate so you can start saving money on your monthly heating bill.

Just wanted you to know the new heating system came through the cold weather with flying colors! The house has never been so comfortable in all the years we've lived here----it's a HUGE difference.

We just received our first gas bill and had about 25% less gas use than the same period last year.

Rick & Bronwyn G.

Lochinvar Knight high efficiency boiler

Just like a knight in a fairy tale, the Knight Fire Tube boiler from Lochinvar will save you from high heating bills this winter while doing its part to protect the environment.  Rated at 95% efficiency and with low NOx emissions, it's the best green choice for residential and light commercial.

SMART SYSTEM sets it above the restLochnivar Boiler SMART SYSTEM

All 7 models of Lochinvar Knight boilers have the updated SMART SYSTEM, the most technologically advanced boiler control on the market.

Its large LCD screen with easy to use soft keys gives the user access to a complete database of performance history and ultimate control over all the system functions in 1 place.

A color coded screen lets you see its status in a glance. A blue screen lets you know it’s functioning as normal while a yellow screen tells you when it needs regular maintenance (in case you forget).

It even displays the name and number of who installed it-how’s that for convenient? A red screen alerts you that it’s in lockout mode and needs immediate attention.

Expert boiler replacement

A boiler is a complex piece of equipment that requires a skilled boiler mechanic to install it in order to ensure that it performs at maximum efficiency.

Our journeyman plumbers and mechanics have over 94 years of experience between them so they are more than capable of installing your new boiler and performing the careful calibration needed so it operates at peak efficiency.

For the best result, contact Carlson Mechanical to schedule your free estimate so you can be more comfortable AND start saving money.

Boiler Upgrade

Efficiency = Savings

The Knight Fire Tube boiler is the newest space saving wall-mounted model from Lochnivar. It’s ideal for environmentally conscious Seattle homeowners looking for an energy efficient heating solution.

Outstanding design and high-quality components are responsible for its cost-efficiency and dependable performance.

Why choose a Knight boiler?

  • Modulating burner with 10:1 turndown optimizes performance
  • Variable speed ECM circulator saves on operational costs over conventional circulator
  • Updated SMART SYSTEM control with larger multi-color LCD display is easy to use
  • ASME corrosion-resistant stainless-steel fire tube heat exchanger built to last
  • Universal vent adaptor for easy transition to many types of venting materials

What 10:1 turndown means

The firing rate automatically changes as the heat load fluctuates.  The boiler fires at maximum rate when the heat load is highest but turns down to as low as 10% as the load lessens.

The result is a modulating boiler that runs smoothly and efficiently without frequent on/off cycling.

Versatile and efficient

The Knight's flexible venting gives more options for placement while still meeting the space heating demands of most any home.

For larger houses, they can be cascaded together for redundancy and/or paired with an indirect water heater to save you money on your hot water costs.

Heat and hot water in one

The Noble Combi is a combination boiler that supplies hot water and heat to homes with 1 or 2 bathrooms.

This space saving unit saves money and energy with its 95% AFUE efficiency and eliminates cold water sandwiches with a faster DHW response time.