Radiant heat delivers comfort and energy efficiency to Seattle homesSeattle radiant floor heat

With its even natural heat, radiant heat (also called hot water or hydronic heat) is the most comfortable heat you could possibly have in your Seattle area home.

An added bonus is that hydronic (radiant) heat is also the most efficient way to warm your home so you’ll likely save money on your heating bills too.

What is hot water heat?

Hot water heat is a method of heating that uses hot water or steam, instead of air. A hydronic heating system takes advantage of water's superior conductive properties to heat your home more efficiently by heating the objects in it-not the air.

It depends largely on the delivery of heat directly from a hot surface to the people and objects in the room via the radiation of heat.  It's the same effect you feel when holding a mug of coffee in your hands or the warmth of a hot stovetop element from across the room.

Why You Should Install Hot-Water Heat in Your Seattle Home

Even Comfort-No Hot or Cold Spots

Heat comes from the floor or radiators, so it stays low where it’s needed most to deliver an even, natural warmth with no hot or cold spots often associated with forced air systems.

Breathe Cleaner Air

Forced air systems blow dust, bacteria and other contaminants throughout your house causing problems for people with allergies or asthma. Radiant heat eliminates these issues along with low humidity levels.

Greater Energy Efficiency

Heating with hot water will save you 5 to 20% over forced-air heat. Plus, there is less heat loss because warm air is not traveling through ductwork where even more loss occurs.

Quiet Operation

Radiant systems are virtually silent since there’s no furnace turning on or off, just water quietly running through tubing for a peaceful house.

Temperature Control

You decide whether you want one thermostat or multiple controls to set each room at a different temperature. For more convenience, smart thermostats let you control settings from your phone.

Many Delivery Options

In addition to radiant floor or ceiling heat, you can choose from contemporary wall panels or baseboard heaters, cast-iron radiators or heated towel bars for your bathroom.

Expert installation makes all the differenceRadiant heat system seattle

Whatever hydronic heating system you select, be assured that the trained craftsmen at Carlson Mechanical will install it expertly and efficiently.

There’s many delivery system options (radiant floor heating, baseboard heaters, cast-iron radiators for Victorian-style home) and they’ll work with you to select the best for your home and lifestyle.

An important part of any heating system is the controls, which will be designed to enhance your comfort, keep your heating costs low and ensure that your investment will last long and operate trouble free.

We had electricians over here doing work and they said it was the nicest looking heating installation (from the electrician's perspective, of course) they'd seen. They said most of the hvac people don't seem to quite know what they're doing on that front. So, consider yourselves complimented, albeit indirectly, by one of your professional peers.

- Rick

Hydronic Heat vs. Forced Air Systems

In a forced air system, heated air is blown by a fan and carried through ducts into rooms. Since warm air rises and cold air sinks, this creates a situation whereas it’s always coldest near the floor.

This becomes an issue because our body temperature is warmest at our head while circulation is poorest at our feet. That’s why we are most comfortable in a room that is warm at the floor and slightly cooler at head level.

heat distribution

Forced air heat distribution is uneven

Most of the air is concentrated at the ceiling, where it is lost to the outdoors. With hot water heat, it is warmer closer to the floor where heat is needed more. Therefore, you are more comfortable at a lower thermostat setting, thus saving on your fuel bills.

Ah, the pleasure of heat and hot water!  Lynda is convinced the house heats faster!

We are pleased in every way with your work. Riley and Dennis were a pleasure to have in the house and Riley put the frosting on his copper/brass solder sculpture by leaving the work space in immaculate condition.

Please use us for an enthusiastic reference any time. Thank you!

- Lynda and Doug, Seattle

How does radiant heating work?

Seattle Radiant Floor Installation

The systems circulate warm water through flexible tubing that can be installed underneath virtually any type of flooring material—wood, tile, even carpet.

Radiant ceiling heat is perfect for remodeling projects, additions and for heating the upper floors of your home.

Tubing and heat emission plates are attached to ceiling joists or sheetrock so the ceiling radiates heat to people and objects just like radiant floor heat.

How do you deliver radiant heat?

There are several delivery system options so you can choose the one right for your home.

PanelPanel Radiators

Panel radiators combine art and science to deliver a modern, attractive heat with incredible comfort at a reasonable price.

Panel radiators offers a clean solution to heating problems as it does not blow air or stir up dust and the operation is virtually silent.

Both Buderus and Runtal offers a variety of panel-style radiators for your home or business.

BaseboardBaseboard heaters

Baseboards provide space heating in both residential and commercial applications.

The baseboard is inconspicuous, but an effective distributor of heat by disbursing heat, both horizontally and vertically.

A baseboard panel does not blow air or stir up dust and their operation is virtually silent.

Heated TowelHeated Towel Bars

Make getting out of the shower more comfortable with attractive heated towel bars.

They keep your bathroom dry and free of mildew, germs and musty smells. Each towel rack acts as a radiator-an adjustable source of heat for the room.

Their low profile fits minimal space requirements (depth 4”) and they coordinate easily with any bathroom décor.

Cast IronCast-iron radiators

Cast-iron radiators are suitable for both residential and commercial use.  Cast-iron radiators supply a continuous flow of heat.

The radiant heat combined with convected heat creates a warm comfortable environment. It shields outside walls and windows to stop cold air from infiltrating-right where it starts.

After the boiler has run full cycle, the hot water in the radiator sections continues to emit gentle heat.  The end result is a cozy room with less than a two-degree temperature variance from floor to ceiling.

We install smart thermostats

Many customers are having us install wi-fi enabled smart thermostats you control from your phone.

These learning thermostats adjust to save energy while delivering the best comfort level for your family. Learn more by visiting our Thermostat Install page.