Smart thermostat installation for Seattle areaYou'll love the convenience.Thermostat installation

Imagine getting up in the morning or arriving home from work to find your home already at the perfect temperature without having to do a thing.

How is this possible? A wi-fi enabled smart thermostat knows your schedule and automatically changes settings so your home stays at the ideal temperature.

To save energy, it lowers the temperature when you’re sleeping or away yet knows when it needs to adjust so your home is at the ideal comfort level for your family.

Why install a smart theromostat?

  • Save energy
  • Easy to use
  • Control from your smart phone
  • Increase comfort for family

Our techs are experienced in installing models from many manufacturers as we will happily install any thermostat a customer has purchased.  We do, however, recommend models from Honeywell and Nest because they are high quality and stand by their products though you may choose the thermostat that best suits your needs.

Control thermostat anywhere there’s internet accessSmart Theromostat Control

No matter which make or model you install, they all have their own app so you can control it from your smart phone, tablet, laptop or anywhere you have internet access.

You can even pair it with Amazon Echo or Google Home and use voice commands to accommodate changes in your schedule.

Your family’s comfort is a priority so it’s easy to understand why so many Seattle and Puget Sound homeowners are installing smart thermostats.  

I recently called Carlson Mechanical in hopes they could help us with our furnace/boiler that was acting up. A neighbor who had a great experience with them gave us their name. I called, Shirley answered and with amazing skill and kindness, took care of us in the most efficient way.

She sent Dennis, who dug right in, knew exactly what to do and perfectly took care of everything for us. They were kind, efficient, skilled and honest. We were thrilled and want the world to know how great they are and that everyone should call them.

Pam H., Eastlake

The Nest Learning ThermostatNest Smart Thermostat

The first smart thermostat to earn the Energy Star label, the Nest has many features that make it one of our most popular products.  Studies show it can save an average of 10-12% on heating bills and 15% on cooling bills so it can pay for itself in less than 2 years.

What is the Nest Sense feature?

For the 1st week of use, you turn the temperature up or down depending on your comfort level and then, the Nest uses your settings from that week to program itself.

That’s why it’s call the Learning Thermostat because it keeps track of your settings to understand how you like things.

  • Choose copper, stainless steel, black or white ring color to go with your décor.
  • Uses sensors and phone’s location to know when you’ve left the house.
  • Get alerts to your phone if something’s wrong
  • Farsight feature makes it light up to show temp, weather or time from across the room
  • EcoTemperature and the Leaf helps you save energy

Use energy history for more savings

You can save even more energy (and money) if you delve a little deeper into the data it stores.  The energy history of your thermostat shows your daily energy use and the Home report shows monthly use.  This data tracks how much energy was used, which allows you to modify the settings for even bigger savings in the future.

SUPER tidy and professional install with all the proper valves and routings, please pass my thanks along to the crew!

They also went over operations of the system with Joy--all the different thermostats had been somewhat of a mystery to us, so that was great too.

Really happy to see all the things that changed and, yes, everything's working well and quietly.

Ruben P., Seattle

What is a smart thermostat?

It’s a wi-fi enabled device that automatically changes the heating and cooling temperature settings in your home to maximize energy savings and comfort.

They’re called smart because they “learn” what temperature settings you like throughout the day.

How do they work?

Once installed, you start by putting in your preferred settings and adjust as needed.  For example, turning down the temp at night or when you leave for work.

When you do this, the thermostat learns your schedule and starts to modify settings to maximize performance.

You usually need to make minor adjustments for the first week so the device understands the differences between work days and weekends or non-work days when you’re home during the day.

Smart Theromostat Control

Features of smart thermostats

The items listed below are common to most, if not all, smart thermostats. Please note this is not a complete list and specific brands may have other features.

  • 7-day custom programming
  • Mobile app to control from smart phone or tablet
  • Auto adjusts to save energy
  • Tracks humidity levels & alters settings
  • Check local weather info
  • Auto alerts for service & problems
  • Compatible with most heating & cooling systems

Interacts with smart phone

Using the GPS on your smart phone, the device can tell where you are so it knows when you leave your house or on your way home.

Why is this important?  It changes settings so your house is at the ideal temp when you arrive home.  Likewise, it knows when no one is home so it adjusts to save energy.

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