Historical Restoration of gravity hot water and steam heat systems in Seattle

Comfort & craftsmanship is more than just a slogan, it highlights one of the real strengths of Carlson Mechanical.  Our journeyman plumbers and boiler mechanics have the proficiency that only comes from real-life experience of working on the beautiful Seattle homes built from the late 19th into the early 20th centuries.

Why choose Carlson Mechanical?

  • Over 94 years of combined experience
  • Expertise in gravity hot water and steam systems
  • Diagnostic insight gathered from hands-on experience

Whether you want us to repair your home’s original steam or gravity hot water system or you’re looking to upgrade, our skilled mechanics are more than capable of doing the job.  In addition, our entire staff has the professionalism to treat you and your home with the care and respect you deserve.

Seattle's older homes are our specialtySteam Radiant Heat

The original gravity hot water or steam heating systems still operating in many of these older homes require true craftsmen to maintain and service them.  You will only find this craftsmanship at Carlson Mechanical.  

Our wisdom of older systems has accumulated over years of diagnosing, servicing and repairing them.  Having a high level of familiarity and understanding of how old-fashioned systems work is the key to our success with them. 

Experts at heating upgrades and remodels

When the time comes to upgrade to a new boiler or add new heating during a home remodel, our craftsmen will install the new equipment in a manner that is guaranteed to work while keeping with the character and quality of your home.

Whether it’s the former British Consulate, the Rhodes Mansion or your beautiful ‘turn of the century’ Victorian in the Queen Anne neighborhood, we’ll do everything to complete the project to your satisfaction.

Thank you so much for your recent fine work coordinating the removal of our old oil-fired boiler and then installing a new Viessmann gas-fired boiler.

Thanks for delivering so well on the promises you made during our initial conversations, for being such a pleasure to work with during the project and for ironing out wrinkles as the new system has begun to heat our home.

- Geoffrey, Normandy Park
Customer since 2008

The Truck

I just wanted to thank you for all the outstanding service during the last year.

It was a big step for us in buying our new “old house.”  We had a lot of concerns about converting from oil to gas and also moving out the old unit and moving the new one closer to the wall.

Everything went as planned and we had a toasty winter, hassle free.  Cannot thank you enough!

- Shellee, Madrona
Customer since 2007

Dedicated to our customers

We recognized how stressful it can be to find a qualified company to work on your home’s heating system.

It’s even more daunting when you have an older home with steam or gravity hot water heating system.

Whether you need a repair or installing new equipment, our staff is devoted to making the entire process as stress-free as possible.

Rhodes Mansion Seattle

Rhodes Mansion in Seattle

Our challenge was to remove the old 1930’s boiler and replace it with a modern, efficient gas-fired boiler while maintaining the character and appearance of a boiler from the 30’s. 

Visit our photo gallery to see the work done on the Rhodes Mansion near Lake Union in Seattle.

Attention to detail is key

As you can imagine, this required additional labor, as all the black steel piping had to be screwed together by hand since copper was not used for heating pipes in the 30’s.

The owner was appreciative of our attention to detail, right down to the push-button switches for the pumps.

Rhodes Mansion